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Easily Find More Traffic-Generating Keywords

Most other keyword tools for Google AdWords are designed to generate large lists of very specific keyword phrases, many that result in very little traffic. AdWordAccelerator takes a very different approach by providing a variety of keyword ideas to brainstorm, allowing you to discover new ways to expand the scope of your advertising.

For example, when using the keyword phrase "sending flowers", AdWordAccelerator provides over 200 related keyword ideas like flower deliveries, online florists, send roses, buy flowers, and many others to choose from. Each of these keywords can be drilled down into for even more ideas! This is a great way to reach a lot more potential buyers for your website.

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Discover Which Competitors' Ads Get More Clicks and Are Worth Imitating

AdWordAccelerator has a unique feature that reveals which of your competitors are getting stronger click-thru-ratios. Combining this information along with metrics that show how broad and deep your competitors' keyword coverage is will help you to know which Google AdWords advertisers are the strongest performers in your market. This provides a great opportunity for you to learn from their success and incorporate some of their ideas into your own marketing strategy.

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Create High Quality Google AdWords Campaigns Faster Than Ever

Turn your Google AdWords keyword research into well-built AdWords campaigns that follow Google's best practices in minutes. This is no exaggeration. Accelerating your Google AdWords campaign creation and success is what this software is all about!

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Find Cheaper Ways to Get More Traffic

As Google AdWords advertising costs continue to increase with more competitors joining their system each day, many advertisers are forced to find more creative and cost-effective ways to lower their bid prices. Unfortunately, for some this means leaving AdWords altogether.

AdWordAccelerator provides a variety of ways to solve this problem:

  • First, it finds broad and phrase match keywords with much less competition than exact matches, showing you a way to 'sneak' into tougher markets.

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  • Second, it provides relevant negative keywords that will help you to avoid wasting money on clicks that yield no results.
  • Finally, it pinpoints popular and highly ranked websites for running your ads on via ad placements in the AdWords content network - a very underutilized and cost-effective way of getting more traffic.

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Boost Your Click-Thru-Ratios with the Right Domain Names

One of the best ways to boost your click-thru-ratios is by using domain names that contain the keywords being searched on. When a domain name in AdWords contains the keywords from a user's search query, Google will bold them, often attracting the user's attention and resulting in more clicks.

"But are there any good domains left?", is a question often asked. AdWordAccelerator has a powerful domain name finder tool that can search out available keyword-based domain names across a variety of top-level domains (e.g., .com, .net., .info, .us, etc.). You'll be suprised what you might find!

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And More...

How about a way to create highly targeted keyword lists with a powerful keyword generator tool? This is also included in AdWordAccelerator, giving you a complete package for your Google AdWords keyword research and campaign building needs.

Sorry, We're Closed...

We're sorry, but AdWordAccelerator is no longer for sale. We will be releasing some better PPC tools soon, so please check back!


We would also like to thank all of our loyal subscribers and fans during the past seven years. It has been a heck of a ride together!

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