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"Congrats on creating a world-class tool for Keyword Research"

"I think AdWord Accelerator is a powerful tool for 'finding the cracks in the sidewalk' which is where most affiliates find the highest profitability. Affiliate marketing is more difficult than it looks and with tools that expose less-competitive areas in the marketplace, the whole process becomes much easier. AA has a number of very useful features for identifying high-performance advertisers and domain name strategies, two key tactics in playing the game. Congrats on creating a world-class tool for Keyword Research."

Perry Marshall, Author of "The Definitive Guide to Google AdWords",

"There's a lot of AdWords-related software out there..."

"There's a lot of AdWords-related software out there (I should know, I sell some of it myself ;).

Mostly I ignore the latest and greatest keyword tools because they just overwhelm me with data. But AdWordAccelerator is different. It actually serves the function of filtering keywords based on criteria that I choose. So instead of a tidal wave, I end up with the keyword gems that fit my market and my budget.

And Steve is a good guy who does what he says and treats his customers with respect."

Howie Jacobson, PhD, Author of "AdWords for Dummies",

"...from keyword research to a great campaign takes me like 10 minutes."

"I just have to take 5 minutes out of my schedule and send this email. Every time I fire up AdWordAccelerator version 3.0 I smile and think warm thoughts about you. I am absolutely loving the ability to create campaigns using the software. Not only was this an unexpected surprise but it just works perfectly. As I manage over a dozen active AdWords accounts (and growing) this feature has saved me literally days of effort. It's to the point where from keyword research to a great campaign takes me like 10 minutes. I just wanted you to know how appreciative and pleased I am with these new features."

Roland Lacey,

"Your product is phenomenal!"

"Your product is phenomenal! It has opened up so much more avenues for finding the best advertising through AdWords. It is a time saver, and the ability to cut and paste my results - phenomenal. I can't thank you enough for the great product - it has made my AdWords advertising life so much easier."

Susan Parrot, OneWay Advertising

"I don't feel so overwhelmed anymore..."

"I've been an AdWords account manager going on two years and this tool is something else. I can get more accounts done in a week compared to before and the maintenance is just minor tweaks here and there once a campaign is launched.

I have more free time. Before, new clients were in a holding pattern until I could get to them. I don't feel so overwhelmed anymore, knowing clients are waiting in the wings. Now my "get to you ASAP" is a couple of days, not next week, since I took this tool under my wing.

If you are a PPC freak like me, get this. Get this NOW!"

Dale Bigelow

"We almost hate to recommend it to others - it is our competitive secret!"

"AdWordAccelerator is essential to making money with Google AdWords. No other service provides such comprehensive keyword analysis. No matter what type of campaign we are running, we find quality keywords that would never have occurred to us - it's amazing. Whether our goal is to find inexpensive or high-paying keywords or to spy on our competition, AdWordAccelerator does it!

We almost hate to recommend it to others - it is our competitive secret!"

Wendy Littman, President, Litten Consulting, Inc.

"AdWordAccelerator lives up to its name perfectly..."

"AdWordAccelerator lives up to its name perfectly it accelerates the ROI for your AdWords campaigns. Using this keyword reserch tool simply gives you an unfair advantage over your competitors enabling you to dominate your market."

Alan Stewart, The Marketers Podcast

"AdWordAccelerator has saved me many hours and thousands of dollars!"

"AdWordAccelerator has saved me many hours and thousands of dollars! With AdWordAccelerator, instead of bidding on hundreds of words that do not generate traffic, I am able to focus on the keywords that produce actual business results. Trust me, if you are not using AdwordAccelerator you are wasting time and money."

John O'Grady, Web Technologies Manager - Verizon SuperPages

"AdWordAccelerator achieves this and makes me look good."

"When I first heard about AdWordAccelerator, I was sceptical. 'Not another keyword research tool!', I thought. But AA is different. It truly saves you hours and hours of tedious searching for the right keywords to target in your AdWords campaigns, with an accuracy you just don't get from other tools. When you run a busy search engine marketing agency and run multiple AdWords campaigns like I do, pinpointing high-performing niche keywords for your clients is crucial to obtaining a top ROI and keeping them happy. AdWordAccelerator achieves this and makes me look good."

Kalena Jordan, Director of Studies, Search Engine College

"A great product overall."

"I highly recommend AdWordAccelerator to both experienced and new users to both AdWords and PPC. The interface is very slick. A great product overall."

James Welch, Search Engine Promotion Experts (

"In about an hour a person can take an idea and turn it into a full blown AdWords campaign."

"In about an hour a person can take an idea and turn it into a full blown AdWords campaign. I was doing refined WordTracker keyword searches and then using AdWord Analyzer or NicheDataBase to find opportunities.

Obviously, that takes a bunch of time even using short cuts. Guess what? I then went to compare what your program kicked out - in a fraction of the time - not exact lists but just about the same.

It probably took less than a fraction of the time - I zone out doing this stuff. I guess what I'm trying to say is - it works!"

Bill Robertson

"It's so easy to use..."

"I'm so amazed with your AdWordAccelerator software tool. It's so easy to use and create income-boosting AdSense sites that even my little sister can play with it and make money on the Internet!"

Codrut Turcanu

"Now I only have one tool - AdWordAccelerator."

"I signed up for the beta and thought I would see what this software was about. WOW! The first beta had great features but then you added the 'The Top Bids Estimator' - this alone is worth the price.

Bottom line is I had four AdWords tools sitting on my desktop. Now I only have one tool - AdwordAccelerator. This tool is FANTASTIC!"

Dan Sturdivant, Google AdWords Professional (PowerPerClick)

"My AdWords campaigns will never be the same again."

"AdWordAccelerator takes keyword research and management to a new level. The sophisticated, yet simple to use, user interface blows away other web-based tools and makes mining for keywords a breeze. My AdWords campaigns will never be the same again. Highly recommended!"

Lukas Rathswohl

"Thanks for building a great keyword research tool!"

"While AdWordAccelerator provides a wealth of keyword research functionality, the specific function I appreciate the most - the one I don't have the ability to easily accomplish with other tools - is the 'Top Bids Estimator.'

It allows me to take my keyword niche themes and get realistic estimates of the bid prices for each of the various keywords. While I could manually research these values - AdWordAccelerator's ability to automatically retrieve this information in conjunction with the campaigns I am developing saves me a ton of time and makes that one function worth the investment in the product. Thanks for building a great keyword research tool!"

Tex Gshwandtner, IMSEO - Internet Marketing for the Rest of Us

"Thanks for making such a powerful tool so affordable..."

"AdWordAccelerator is not only a well-thought-out, feature-rich analyzation and niche market development tool, it's truly an exceptional value! While not even the most expensive keyword tools on the market solves every keyword research application, AdWordAccelerator comes as close as anything we've used - and for a lot less money.

Thanks for making such a powerful tool so affordable... and keep up the good work!"

Randy Manek

"Thanks for the all-in-one program."

"You had a great tool before you made the improvements and added features. It was a great time saver to quickly identify and wrap keywords to get campaigns off the ground. The time savings alone made it worth it's price. Now that you have made the upgrades it is an invaluable tool.

I have been using it and identified many variations of keywords that I had never considered before. This is being said by one who has all the keyword tools on the market. AdWordAccelerator is a must have in the keyword arsenal, but what I found it is now my 'go-to' for the first and sometimes last source for keywords. Thanks for the all-in-one program."

Bill Robertson

"...within just a few minutes, I get the exact keywords I need."

"Prior to AdWordAccelerator I was changing my keywords every other day. I was never satisfied, and my campaigns were close to a disaster. Now, within just a few minutes, I get the exact keywords I need. I am very satisfied with how this software works, how easy it is to understand and how fast you get good results."

Jens P. Berget, Sly Marketing

" saves me at least 12 hours per week."

"As a Google AdWords advertiser, I create approximately 35 new campaigns per week. I typically used five or six different tools to do my keyword and max bid research, so I have to say that I was quite pleased when I started using AdWordAcclerator. To have all that functionality in one place is a huge timesaver. I estimate that it saves me at least 12 hours per week. Highly recommended to anyone who creates pay-per-click ad campaigns!"

Eric Wyson

"AdWordAccelerator makes this job much easier."

"Correct set-up of a Google AdWords account is critical to a successful campaign. AdWordAccelerator makes this job much easier. I especially enjoy the export to Excel feature. I run campaigns that are rather large and this feature enables me to keep everything organized."

John McDaniel, WSI Internet Business Consultant

"10 thumbs up!"

"I'm a 36 year old netpreneur from Europe, and I've got to say I love your product. It has helped me find advertisers to promote that I even didn't know EXISTED! Plus, you can take a sneak peak at your competition's best ads. 10 thumbs up! (Ouch, I only have 2!) Keep up the good work."

Charles Jahren

"AdWordAccelerator is perhaps the most powerful tool..."

"AdWordAccelarator is perhaps the most powerful tool and is absolutely a have to have. This tool not only provides invaluable help with Google AdWords, it also can be used very effectively for SEO while building websites, and it opens a new dimension to optimization. If I could use it anyone could."

Srikant Konery, CEO Natural Therapeutics

"...the ultimate keyword research tool for every online marketer!"

"You have come up with the ultimate keyword research tool for every online marketer!"

Sam Odiaka,

" just makes things so much more doable."

"I've been using AdWordAccelerator to plan and implement my Google monetization campaigns for both Google AdSense and Google AdWords.

I find this really cool software a MUST-USE in optimizing my content-driven website for maximum Google AdSense income. It provides me the "high-value keywords" for which I should create more pages, and helps me see more clearly the meaning of this pretty simple equation: More high-value keyword pages = more Google AdSense income!

I also find it extremely helpful in planning my Google AdWords campaign for a second website I'm developing and planning to launch in a few weeks. I'll be using Google AdWords to get the initial wave of traffic coming in even before the search engines get it listed. What better way to do it than to bid for those low-hanging, "dirt-cheap" keywords AdWordAccelerator generates in a few seconds!

Compared to other tools in its category, AdWordAccelerator is so much easier to use and it just makes things so much more "doable". It's really a MUST-HAVE tool for content-driven website publishers like myself."

Oscar Lito Pablo

"AdWordAccelerator has shaved countless hours off of my research time..."

"AdwordAceelerator has shaved countless hours off of my research time, allowing me to spend more time on writing and testing ads and other areas of my business. The keyword lists it generates are comprehensive and the ability to see an approximate cost and traffic of adwords keywords is invaluable!"

Richard Mau

"...a 'must-have' for anyone running AdWords campaigns."

"AdWordAccelerator is vastly superior and easier to use than Google's online keyword tools, and goes far beyond simply identifying possible phrases. The competition research feature is very helpful, as you can target effective market themes overlooked or under-utilized by competitors. It's a 'must-have' for anyone running Adwords campaigns."

Craig de Fasselle

"This really impressed my BOSS!"

"AdWordAccelerator is a GREAT multipurpose tool. I found fantastic keywords that we had not yet even thought of for our website at work. This really impressed my BOSS! :)

Now it's easy to set up a profitable AdWords campaign and to find high paying keywords for AdSense publishing.

My wife and I also use AdWordAccelerator to write descriptions and titles for items she was selling on ebay!"

Rob Nelson

"I love this tool and use it everyday..."

"I research, build and maintain PPC Campaigns for Business Owners that market thru our Search Engine - and with AdWordAccelerator in my back pocket, I couldnt go wrong. I mean, with AdWordAccelerator, I could really zero down on very niche catagories that created amazing ROI's for my clients. Also, being able to see the Bids... WOW - no more guessing what it would take to get placed well. With Yahoo offering Search Submit Pro, being ready for Google to implement a similar product, AdWordAccelerator will be a priority tool for any marketing company on the Net.

I love this tool and use it everyday, waiting to see what other great features you can squeeze into future updates!"

James B.

"...the software is fully supported, which gives me a lot of confidence as a user."

"As a semi-professional Google AdWords campaign manager for several business and corporate clients, I find AdWordAccelerator to be an extremely useful and practical planning and analysis tool. Even though I've only been using AdWordAccelerator for a short period of time, it has already proven to be a huge time-saver when it comes to doing dilligent keyword research. I am impressed with how easy it is to use, its elegant graphical interface and powerful keyword research and competitive analysis capabilities. Also, the software is fully supported, which gives me a lot of confidence as a user.

AdWordAccelerator is definitely a contributor to my bottom line. I highly recommend it to anyone involved in running or managing Google AdWord campaigns."

Martin Aranovitch

"...AdWordAccelerator is like nothing else around!"

"I was originally very sceptical about 'another' AdWords tool, but the moment you start to use it, you quickly discover that AdWordAccelerator is like nothing else around!

For every campaign, I used to spend 4 or 5 days on keyword research -- but with AdWordAccelerator, the time is slashed to just a few hours. For me, TIME IS MONEY, so the value of this cannot even be counted!"

Marty R. Milette

"With only a few clicks I can now implement exactly what the experts say..."

"I finally understood what all the experts were saying - have tight, targeted adgroups or else you will fail with AdWords. But easier said than done! I got the 1,000 keywords and tried to sort them into groups - but wasting hours trying to create these groups. I realised that I was wasting a lot of time, and decided to look for an automatic tool. What a relief that I found AdWordAccelerator! With only a few clicks I can now implement exactly what the experts say, have tight adgroups, and my CTRs are the highest they have ever been!"

GB, Australia

" essential SEM tool."

"I use AdWordAccelerator every day. It's become an essential SEM tool."

Peter Da Vanzo

"...AdWordAccelerator is completely different than any other keywords tool."

"I've purchased too many keyword analysis tools in the past. All were overpriced and never truly represented Google's CPC. I don't know how you do it, but AdWordAccelerator is completely different than any other keyword tool. It gives me accurate CPC, ranking, and competing ad information that is truly the most accurate I've seen. How do I know? Because I was so skeptical that I manually checked and doubled checked the AWA info against the true Google data. To my amazement and surprise, the data was always accurate. Now I don't use any other keyword tool except AWA."

Jack Manhire, Chicago, IL

"It is like having your own Google AdWords consultant!"

"If there is one tool a webmaster or new marketer should use it is AdWordAccelerator. It connects all the dots to making an average campaign great. It easily guides you in the step by step process of developing a campaign at Google and collaborates with you on keyword ideas. It is like having your own Google AdWords consultant!"

Jake Hanson

" of the most innovative and helpful keyword research tools..."

"Your keyword research tool, AdWordAccelerator, is one of the most innovative and helpful keyword research tools that I have seen come to the market in a LONG time...and trust me...I have seen and used an awful lot of these programs. I especially appreciate the ability to research bid prices."

Dennis Gerik

"Your program is first class..."

"Your program is first class, it is working well for me and I've recommended it to my friends."

Sam Harold

"It does the work of four other programs I am currently using!"

"AdWordAccelerator is truly amazing! It does the work of four other programs I am currently using. I have over 75 business websites and this is a wonderful timesaver for me in selecting the most profitable keywords available. You have better things to do with your valuable time than digging though those other programs for the 'best adwords at the best price.'

I have tested over 20 programs in the last three years that promise what AdWordAccelerator delivers. I do professional SEO for a living and this wonderful tool does accelerate your speed on surfing for longer phrase keyword searches. AdWordAccelerator makes me be able to spend more time doing other things I love!"

Jennie Heckel, SEO Expert/Web Developer

"...provides a wealth of information that we would never have been able to obtain..."

"We are novices as it relates to understanding and setting up campaigns on Google. When we found AdWordAccelerator, it was like a Godsend. This tool provides a wealth of information that we would never have been able to obtain without paying a fortune for a consultant. This tool has enabled us to create a more comprehensible advertising strategy. We started off with a bunch of keywords that turned out to be extremely expensive and positioning would have left us in the "dust". With this tool, it provided an insight that we would not have had.

AdWordAccelerator provided us with keywords that relatively few competitors were using, at a click through rate that was similar to the top keywords but at a lower cost. Without this tool, we would never been able to make these important decisions. Also, the "Top Bids Estimator" helps us to determine where we want to position our ads and keeps us in line with our advertising expenses for Google. We now are starting to use this tool for our website Meta-Keywords and other campaigns on Yahoo Search. Terrific tool!"

Carol Wert, Carol's Candy Corner

"This is a marketers dream!"

"Using AdWordAccelerator has made me much more of a keyword "specialist" now. I loved learning how to really check out the real feasibility of my ideas before wasting time on certain keywords. Using the software taught me all the different things I need to explore before launching an ad campaign or designing a website around a specific keyword or family of keywords. I love the way you can keep feeding in the group theme keywords back into the software to refine them further and further.

This is a marketers dream!"

Sally Sanford

" has put a whole new dimension in keyword research."

"This program is absolutely amazing, it has put a whole new dimension in keyword research. You guys are amazing."

Len Cecchetto

"I am now making money instead of losing money!"

"Adword Accelerator has been a godsend to my AdWords business. I am now making money instead of losing money! You get the 'inside scoop' on what your competitors are doing, and then you can 'one up' them and get the sale! Highly Recommended."

Ron Edwards, Transitions LifeStyle System

"This is truly an AWESOME tool."

"This is truly an AWESOME tool. It is one well thought out software that will definitely help my research!"

Ed R.

" ears have stopped smoking!"

"AdWordAccelerator hasn't replaced thinking, but my ears have stopped smoking!"

Ed Kohler, Haystack In A Needle

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